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M a k i n g  P r i c e l e s s   M o m e n t s   P o s s i b l e
  1. Mrs. Katherine Rubio
    Mrs. Katherine Rubio
    My husband and I made the right choice. We hired them last December for our wedding. They were truly passionate and excellent at what they do. Plus they were very client-friendly. Hiring them for your wedding can be one of your best decisions. We are satisfied clients. Kudos Team Emarifotos !!!!
  2. Mr.  & Mrs. Ventura
    Mr. & Mrs. Ventura
    Thank you Emarifotos for the lovely wedding coverage that you’ve managed to capture unto perfection!! � Kudos to all of your future clients! Im pretty sure that they’ll also cherish those special moments that you’re going to share with them! Goodluck!! �����
  3. Mrs. Tria Panganiban
    Mrs. Tria Panganiban
    We had a great experience! Very accomodating and humble our photographers during our wedding day! More power and clients! #Thebest ���
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Merida
    Mr. & Mrs. Merida
    I never regret yet overwhelmed and felt so lucky to be with u guys from the start...the crew were all young yet posses loads of knowledge and ideas. Excellent videos photos and coordination, hoping for your success and more clients to come.���
  5. Mrs. Angelique Bautista
    Mrs. Angelique Bautista
    A highly recommended! Thankyou so much @[679764502125662:Emarifotos].. From start until the end THE BEST KAYO! Kudos to your team! Godbless and more power!!!
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Founder // Photographer // Editor // Album Maker // 

Leyn is kind and fun. She knows how to have a good time. She enjoys everday of her life as if it's her last. She's hopeful and confident about the future.She's genuinely generous, sufficient in almost everything. She's beautiful inside and out (no doubt). She has some hidden talents too... She can dance (hilarious), kidding aside, she knows very well how to love a friend, she knows how to be fair and she's always around whenever you need her. We're blessed to have her, very optimistic! So basically, she is AWESOME!

Her attitude of gratefulness allows her discover the beauty in life and what it is that makes it worth living. She knows that life is neither fair or easy. Her ability to cope with uncertainty of life gives her the necessary calmness to respond to unpredictable situations. 

She believes that a life without passion is no life at all. She have been passionate about photography and it constantly captivates her anew., to capture the world with all its exceptional and ordinary element in a photograph. The passion she have for photography comes from the passion she have for life, people and beauty that is all around us.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
"Best things in life are not things, they are moments."